Mintech MD series

Mintech MD series CNC router specially designed for super shiny acrylic products, thanks to its ultimate rigid structure!

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Mintech MD series MD6050

MD6050 Performance characteristics

The MD650 machining center adopts cast iron structure, table movement and beam fixed transmission mode. It adopts optimized design of gantry and beam and reliably cooperates with the worktable to form a frame structure with good rigidity and reliability. The finite element design calculation ensures the most Good strength and rigidity. In response to the high-quality processing requirements of acrylic, the mirror effect is directly achieved, the product quality is improved, the labor cost is reduced, and the production efficiency is improved.
  MD650 CNC machining center, more than 15 years of industry application, industry-leading design, excellent performance and reliability.
  Using high-quality components to use the machine tool can maintain high precision for a long time.
  The machine components are FEM (Finite Element Analysis) and are uniquely designed to reduce vibration.
  Safety Assurance
  - The machine tool is designed according to the American AMT mechanical manufacturing standards.
  – Electrical standards are designed using EMC electrical standards.
  – All moving parts have safe and reliable protection.
  – Operational status monitoring.
  –X, Y and Z three-axis drive systems are equipped with a variety of safety protection controls, such as electrical control limits, software limits and mechanical limits to ensure the safety of machine work.

Mintech MD series
Mintech MD series

MD6050 Machine configuration list

NO .ProjectContentRegulation lattice  Model Preparation Note     
1Processing rangeX-axis machining range600mm 
  Y-axis machining range500mm 
  Z-axis machining range250mm 
2Machine parameter indexX, Y, Z axis motion positioning accuracyОmmThe above position parameters are referenced to the international ISO230-2 and are calibrated using a RENISHAW laser interferometer. Note (1)
  X, Y, Z repeat positioning accuracy0.005mm 
  Maximum displacement speed10 m / min 
  Maximum processing speed6 m / min 
  Total machine weightAbout 4500KG 
  Machine power supply requirementsAC380V/50HZ/3PH 30A 
  Machine tool gas supply requirements0.52MPa 
3Machine tool main purchasecast ironPrecision MachiningAging annealing heat treatment
4WorkbenchCast iron workbenchT-slot 600mm × 500mm 
  Workbench load400KG 
5CNC systemTaiwan’s new generation21MA bus (E80) 
6Tool change systemDisc type BT3012 knife position 
7Tool setting systemTool setautomatic 
8Lubrication systemFuel supply pumpautomaticUse No. 20 lubricant
9motorX, Y, Z axis850W AC servoYaskawa, Japan
10Electric spindleSpindle coolingOil cooler 
  Spindle speed4000-24000RPM 
  Spindle power7.5 KW 
  Spindle taperBT30 
  Spindle dynamic balance levelG2.5 
  Frequency converter7.5KWSifang or Delta
11guideX, Y, Z rail guideSquare rail (D30mm)Taiwan Yintai
12transmissionX, Y, Z axis driveBall screw (Ø32mm)Taiwan silver
12ArborBT30Pull studs and shank5 sets included
13Tsui TsuiER32Ø3.175, Ø4, Ø6, Ø8, Ø10One each
Mintech MD series MD6050
Note(1):Positioning accuracy detection method: The measurement data is sorted by mathematical statistics. That is, any number of positioning points (generally 5 to 15) are selected along a certain measurement axis parallel to the coordinate axis, and then multiple positioning (usually 5 to 13 times) is repeated for each positioning point. The locating point can be approached in one direction, or it can be approached from two directions, and then the measurement data is statistically processed to obtain an arithmetic mean value. Further, the average value deviation, the standard deviation, and the dispersion degree were determined. The dispersion represents the repeating positioning accuracy, which together with the average deviation constitutes the positioning accuracy, and the sum of the two is the maximum positioning deviation that can be achieved when positioning between any two points.
MD6050 work sample

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